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Sustainable and Ethical clothing
that makes you smile and the planet with you!

La Brisa Organic

Sustainable Fashion

Conscious Wear

Organic clothing born from our commitment towards a more conscientious and reflective lifestyle. Because we love nature and are passionate about the sea and of course its Breeze. Fair trade conscious wear that is biodegradable, designed to dress life’s experiences.

Ropa ética y sostenible

Certified pure woven cotton garments that preserve the natural colours and are free of chemicals, hypoallergenic and biodegradable clothing.

Ropa ética y sostenible

Committed with the environment and people's rights, garments made to ensure future resources for the coming generations.

Ropa ética y sostenible

Clean line versatility. Highest quality designed lightweight wardrobe essentials that last over time. Suitable fashion for all audiences to fit all sizes.


Clothing that makes a difference
Social Responsibility

We guarantee ethical, fair and transparent working conditions. Our Organic cotton comes from small Brazilian agricultural cooperatives. The garments are spun, cut and made in Europe, securing the rights and good working conditions of all those involved in the process. Fashion that will dress you, take care of you and raise your ethos.


We guarantee the use of organic and ecological cotton that springs from crops irrigated exclusively with rain water that do not apply polluting pesticides and utilize renewable energy. La Brisa Organic ensures the No plastic policy in garments, labels and packaging of all of its products and all our clothing are biodegradable.

Where to find us

La Brisa Organic is a sustainable clothing brand from the island of Ibiza. You can find us every Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. at the Sant Josep artisan’s Market. “Mercat de Sant Josep”, is an ecological and sustainable market that takes place every weekend between April and November.

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